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Improvements Made to ECF’s Innostor and Innostor Plus Larders

At ECF, we are dedicated to continual product development in order to offer our customers the very latest designs and products which deliver on both style and functionality. As a result of this process, we have made changes to our Innostor Soft Close Larder Unit (WWSC7231/41/51/61) and the Innostor Plus Larder Plus (IPL31/41/51/61):


  • A new spring loaded stop mechanism has been introduced as an additional safety measure which automatically sets to the engaged position, thus preventing the larder overextending on the runners
  • A new locking system holds the frame securely to the bottom runner, which can be adjusted to alter the angle of the frame. So, if the top and bottom runners are misaligned, this can now be easily rectified
  • An adjustable depth stop has been added to the top frame, which can be adjusted to ensure the equal extension of top and bottom runners and gives additional stability to the larder
  • The adjustment screws are now more easily accessible, so any alterations can be made without the hassle of removing the larder trays

These developments have been undertaken in order to give our customers a product which performs to the highest possible standard and we hope you are as happy as we are with the results!

To access updated fitting instructions for these products, please click on the links provided.




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