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VOLANTE Configurator

Customise Interior

Choose an interior to match your colour scheme


Choose the number of doors you require

Then simply click on a door and then on your chosen panel style to apply you configuration.

You can change this as many times as you would like.

Select the number of panels for each door – these can be horizontal or vertical.

Click and grab the centre of each panel and slide into the required position to create your bespoke design.

Select a material from the list

Click on your preferred colour and then click on the panel you want to apply your selected material to.

Repeat as many times as you like to select a new style.

  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Bronze
  • Vanilla U108 ST15
  • Stone Grey U727 ST9
  • Silver Grey U765 ST15
  • Platinum White W980 ST2
  • Olive U631 ST9
  • Mussel U100 ST9
  • Light Grey U708 ST15
  • Dust Grey U727 ST9
  • Denim U540 ST9
  • Dakar U717 ST9
  • Cashmere U702 ST9
  • Alabaster U104 ST15
  • Black Chalk board
  • Red Pinboard
  • White board
  • Green Pinboard
  • Blue Pinboard
  • Light Grey Pinboard
  • White Avola H1474 ST22
  • Sand Orleans Oak H1377 ST36
  • Sand Lyon Ash H1298 ST22
  • Sand Gladstone Oak H3309 ST28
  • Pasadena Pine H1486 ST36
  • Hacienda Black H3081 ST22
  • Grey Nebraska Oak H3332 ST10
  • Grey Gladstone Oak H3326 ST28
  • Grey Brown Ontario Walnut H1713 ST9
  • Natural Halifax Oak H1180
  • Navarra Ash H1250 ST36
  • Mali Wenge H3058 ST22
  • Lava Tortona H1793 ST27
  • Light Lakeland Acacia H1277 ST9
  • Grey Bardolino Oak H1146 ST10
  • Lancaster Oak H3368 ST9
  • Driftwood H3090 ST22
  • Ferrrara Oak H1334 ST9
  • Brown Orleans Oak H1379 ST36
  • Coco Bolo H3012 ST22
  • Brown Grey Avola H1484 ST22
  • Stone Grey Glass (Satin)
  • Stone Grey Glass
  • Soft White Glass
  • Red Glass
  • Dakar Glass (Satin)
  • Dakar Glass
  • Classic Brown Glass
  • Cashmere Glass (Satin)
  • Pure White Glass
  • Pearl White Glass
  • Pastel Blue Glass
  • Grey Metal Glass
  • Dark Red Glass
  • Cashmere Glass
  • Blue Shadow Glass
  • Blue Metal Glass
  • Black Glass
  • Anthracite Glass
  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Light Grey

Customise Frame

Choose a frame to match your colour scheme

  • Curva Matt Aluminium
  • Curva Lacquered Bronze
  • Quadro Matt Aluminium
  • Quadro Matt Bronze

You're finished

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