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VOLANTE Opens The (Sliding) Door To New Sales This Summer

As featured in the KBB Review July 2017

If you’ve seen the July issue of KBB Review, chances are you’ve noticed the double-page ad for our hugely-successful VOLANTE sliding doors range – especially as it’s highlighted using what’s known in media circles as a ‘belly band’!

In a first for ECF, we’ve taken advantage of this unique space – a separate paper strip that runs round the outside of the magazine, lightly gummed to our ad inside – so readers have to open the magazine there before they can start reading.

It’s all part of our ongoing marketing support to help trade partners build their business and increase their profits. And the VOLANTE range, which takes sliding doors – always a practical storage solution – to new heights of style and versatility is an ideal product to grow sales.

With autumn a popular time for homeowners to refresh and revamp their homes, VOLANTE offers an ideal solution for any bedroom, study or office. The latest additions to the range include new colours and finishes, matching bedside furniture and of course, the new VOLANTE Kids range with pin board, chalkboard and whiteboard options.

With the ability to mix and match colours, materials and finishes in any door set, the design options are virtually limitless…giving customers the opportunity to make their VOLANTE unique.

Along with our advertising and social media campaign, we’re also updating the latest edition of the VOLANTE brochure online, ready for you to show your customers. Take a look at it here.

Like a beautifully-crafted VOLANTE wardrobe, you’ll find it makes it easier to open the door to new sales this summer.

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